Sunflowers and Lavender

 French River Cruises

These "Floating Hotels" cruise by beautiful cities, villages, castles and vineyards. On the Rhone, ships sail round-trip from Lyon, France to the Burgundy and Beaujolais wine regions and the Mediterranean style cities of Avignon and Arles as well as one-way between Lyon and Avignon.  On the Seine, enjoy the charm of small towns such as Les Andelys and admire the impressive chalk cliffs of the Channel Coast. Take a stroll through the small seaside and artist town of Honfleur and marvel at the beauty of Monets Garden in Giverny. The Wine region The Loire Valley is an enchanting place filled with one breath taking chateau after another - over 300 in total beginning from the 10th century. The gardens - there are not enough words to describe these great landscapes of color.

On December 2, 2000, UNESCO added the central part of the river valley, between Maine and Sully-sur-Loire, to its list of World Heritage Sites.


River cruises in comparison to barge cruises are different in that they cruise the rivers of Europe rather than the small canals.  The ships are larger and hold from 80 to 200+ passengers.  You will often find a swimming pool, beauty salon, gift shop, dancing and entertainment on board where you will not on the barge cruises.


In contrast, where the smaller barges include shore excursions, have bicycles for guests and often have open bar, the river cruises do not have an open bar policy, bicycles, and most do not include shore excursions.

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