6 Day Loire Valley Cruise

NANTES - SAINT NAZAIRE - ANCENIS - Chalonnes-Sur-Loire -
the Castles of the Loire - ANCENIS - NANTES


Chenonceau in Minature

Chenonceau in Minature


Embark on a cruise on the Royal Loire River whose beauty is legendary. Visit Nantes and The Machines of the Isle of Nantes, a gallery that recreates the imaginary world of the famous writer Jules Verne. Discover Saint-Nazaire and admire its shipyard and the Escal'Atlantic which immerses you in the world of steamships from the beginnings of their? gigantic construction to life on board. Soak up the magical castles of the Loire such as Brissac, the highest castle in France whose monumental facades rise up from its large landscaped park.?



Passengers are welcome to board our ship at 6:00 p.m. After comfortably settling into your cabins, we'll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail before dinner. The ship will sail towards Saint-Nazaire.



This morning, join us for the optional excursions for both package: tour of Saint Nazaire, a town on the sea. We'll visit Escal'Atlantic,?a museum that explores the historic ocean liner experience, and the Saint-Nazaire shipyard, one of the largest shipyards in Europe (Only on pre-booking before departure. Each passenger will be asked to produce a valid passport in order to gain access to the shipyard).

In the evening, join us on an optional excursion for both packages: we'll board a local boat for a cruise on the Erdre River, one of the most beautiful in France.


This morning, join us for the optional excursions proposed :
CLASSIC: Guided tour of Nantes and the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany.
DISCOVERY:Nantes, the Machines de l'le(3), secret courtyards and covered passageways.

This afternoon, join us for the optional excursions proposed :

CLASSIC: The Muscadet Wine Route and Clisson, a charming medieval town.
DISCOVERY: Helicopter ride(2), the Loire from above (this excursion must be booked in advance through your travel agency).



We'll cruise towards Chalonnes-sur-Loire. Join us for the optional excursions proposed:
CLASSIC: Guided tour of Angers, its historic districts and the famous Apocalypse tapestry(5).
DISCOVERY: Tour of Brissac castle(4) and its cellars complete with a wine-tasting session.
Enjoy an evening of entertainment



Join us on a full-day included excursion for both packages to discover the Castles of the Loire Valley. We'll return on board in Ancenis. Tonight's our gala dinner and evening. Our ship will start sailing towards Nantes.


Buffet breakfast on board. Disembark at 10.00 am. End of our journey.


**Please note that this is a bi-lingual ship with information provided in both English and French, and an international cruise host on board.**

For reasons of navigation and passenger safety, the Captain of the ship reserve the right to modify the itinerary of the cruise.

There might not be any other english speaking guests on these dates.


2024 / 2025 RATES:


Main Deck

Prices From

Upper Deck

Prices From

29-Apr-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
4-May-24 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,443
28-Jun-24 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,443
3-Jul-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
13-Jul-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
23-Jul-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
2-Aug-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
22-Aug-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
27-Aug-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
1-Sep-24 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,443
21-Sep-24 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,443
26-Sep-24 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,443
6-Oct-24 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,443
11-Oct-24 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,443
16-Oct-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
21-Oct-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
26-Oct-24 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,186
5-Apr-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
10-Apr-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
15-Apr-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
20-Apr-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
25-Apr-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
30-Apr-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
5-May-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
25-May-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
30-May-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
4-Jun-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
24-Jun-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
29-Jun-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
4-Jul-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
14-Jul-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
19-Jul-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
28-Jul-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
2-Aug-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
12-Aug-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
22-Aug-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
27-Aug-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144
16-Sep-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
21-Sep-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
26-Sep-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
1-Oct-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
6-Oct-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
11-Oct-25 Loire Princess $2,094 $2,400
16-Oct-25 Loire Princess $1,838 $2,144



Prices Include: Full board cruise from dinner of the first day to breakfast of the last day in a double cabin with showers and toilets, welcome drink, entertainment, the Captain's evening, the assistance of our hostess on board, FREE Wi-Fi and port taxes. DRINKS PACKAGE INCLUDED - Soft Drinks, as well as tea and coffee specialties, Beer, sparkling white wine, Cremant and Prosecco (in a glass), as well as open wines and daily recommendations from the wine menu (by the glass), Cocktails and long drinks throughout the day and evening.

Prices Do Not Include: Drinks, not listed above, insurance and optional excursions.

For reasons of navigation and passenger safety, the Captain of the ship reserve the right to modify the itinerary of the cruise.