7 Night Rhone River Cruise


DAY 1: Lyon

Board your ship in Lyon where you will be welcomed by the crew. In the evening, the ship will take a leisurely cruise through Lyon's Old Town as you enjoy your first gourmet dinner on board. The old town "Vieux Lyon" features Renaissance houses making it worthy of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is for gourmets too: Lyon is dubbed "la ville de gueule" the gourmet town. Furthermore it is known for its high-quality silk products and the Basilica of Notre-Dame die Fourvire above the city.

Say au revoir to Lyon as you pass through the atmospheric and history-rich Old Town on your enjoyable A-ROSA journey on the river to your next destination, Chalon-sur-Saône.

DAY 2: Chalon sur Saone

Beautiful Chalon-sur-Saône is your port today. This elegant city is the second largest in Burgundy with a charming old town revolving around Saint-Vincent Square. The impressive cathedral presides over pretty half-timbered buildings lining the central fountain with parasol-topped tables inviting you to sit down and enjoy a leisurely drink and delicious bite to eat. The inventor of photography was born here too, and Nicéphore Niépce museum with its 6,000 cameras and over three million images makes for a fascinating stop.

DAY 3: Macon - Trecoux - Lyon

Welcome to petite and pretty Mâcon. Tucked into the very south of Burgundy, this area is prime wine territory and a day here offers up the perfect excuse to sample some of its best vintages. Pastel-hued buildings, traditional churches, a beautiful riverside setting and a dreamy locale surrounded by rolling French countryside make this stop a top pick whether you are coming for culture & history, vineyards, or to get out and about and enjoy the area's superb al fresco offerings.

For a small French town tucked away on the banks of the Saône, Trévoux packs an enormous punch when it comes to charm. Life here rolls along peacefully, and a few genteel hours discovering the 15th and 16th century houses at the Rue du Port, admiring the magnificent old parliament building, Hotel du Gouvernement de Dombes and its sublime Salle d'audience where practically every inch of the ceiling and walls are covered in beautiful paintings will only increase your love for this quaint corner of France even further.

This culture-rich city is framed perfectly by the Rhone and Saône rivers which wend their way gracefully through the centre. Discover secret passageways used by 19th century silk weavers in the atmospheric and UNESCO-listed old town, Vieux Lyon, tuck into mouth-watering regional gastronomy in bustling bistros and admire fine arts in the magnificent Renaissance abbey. This is a city for enjoying the finer things in life.

You'll get to really soak in Lyon's joie de vivre this evening on what we're sure will be one of your highlights of this cruise. As your elegant A-ROSA ship stays in port overnight, head into the city and discover its delights after dark.

DAY 4: Lyon

What a city! Everyone should see Lyon if they have the opportunity. With its old town – a UNESCO Word Heritage Site – twisting alleyways, courtyards, garden-filled quays and impressive squares on the Presqu’île, as well as the more than 200 sights that are illuminated after the sun sets, this city takes visitors on an extraordinary journey through different eras and cultures. And right on its doorstep, to the north-west, is Beaujolais. Enjoy gourmet gastronomy, world-class wine and spellbinding views on your Rhône cruise. Idyllic destinations await.

DAY 5: Chateauneuf-du-Pape - Avignon

Just a couple of kilometres away from the Rhône, you’ll find delightful Châteauneuf-du-Pape – not to be confused with the wine-growing region of the same name in the Rhône valley. This charming town’s star of the show is the ruin of the Avignon popes’ summer residence which you'll reach by wending your way uphill from the square. Amble away from the main path down cobbled offshoots and find sleepy cafes and local restaurants, likely basking in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Avignon is one of the most popular ports on A-ROSA’s Rhône cruises and with a roll call of impressive history, it is little wonder. Once centre of the Roman Catholic church, Avignon has been left with an unbelievable legacy that you'll have the opportunity to explore today. The unmissable Palais des Papes in the city's ancient quarter should be high on your list. This spot is the biggest Gothic palace ever built and is ringed by three-metre thick walls. Elsewhere, explore Provençal life at its best, strolling leafy squares and diving into excellent restaurants to sample superb French cuisine.

DAY 6: Avignon - Arles

It's the early 14th century, and power struggles in Rome mean the papal seat suddenly needs transferring to a new centre. Enter Avignon. Changing the city forever, the Avignon you see before you today, along with its impressive skyline, could have been a very different place. As well as the mighty new Palais des Papes, Avignon was also given Gothic churches, monasteries and other sublime buildings that visitors can still marvel at today. The Pope brought more and more people to the city, too: scholars, sculptors, architects, craftsmen and merchants. All helping to make Avignon what it is today: one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Arles in southern France is the Provençal city par excellence. This sun-drenched city of terracotta-tiled rooftops occupies a broad bend in the River Rhône. Many of its treasure trove of historic gems have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites and its grand squares and heady Roman past make it a must visit on any Rhône river cruise. Do some parts look familiar? Van Gogh was resident here for a while and painted some 200 works around the town.

DAY 7: Viviers - La Voulte

Prepare to be bowled over by Viviers today. Full of quaint French charm, expect pale stone buildings set in a dreamy riverside setting. Filled with layer upon layer of history, from Roman to Medieval times to the Renaissance and beyond, discover a true French countryside gem.

Small but perfectly formed, La Voulte-sur-Rhône unfolds beautifully on the banks of the river. Perfect for a leisurely afternoon's amble, discover a petite, quaint town backed by the impressive Castle of La Voulte-sur-Rhône.

DAY 8: Lyon

Your cruise comes to an end this morning as you disembark in Lyon for your onward journey.


Lyon to Lyon

Day Port Arr Dep Comments
1 Lyon   6:00pm Embarkation 3:00pm
        Panorama cruise through Lyon old town
2 Chalon sur Saone 9:00am 8:00pm optional tour to Beaune
3 Macon 2:00am 2:00pm  
  Trevoux 6:00pm 7:00pm Excursion Stop
3 Lyon 10:00pm    
4 Lyon   2:00pm Morning to Explore this charming town
5 Chateauneuf du Pape 10:30am 11:00am Excursion Stop
5 Avignon 1:30pm   Option afternoon tour
6 Avignon   12:00pm Free time in the morning
  Arles 3:30pm 9:00pm optional Tour of Arles
7 Viviers 8:00am 8:30am Excursion Stop
  La Voulte 12:30pm 1:30pm Excursion Stop
8 Lyon 3:30am   Disembarkation 8:00am

- subject to changes -

2024 / 2025 Per Person Cruise Only Fares

Departure Ship Category S - Lower Deck aft cabin w/ portholes Category A - Lower Deck cabin w/ portholes Category C - Middle Deck cabin w/ french
Category D - Upper Deck cabin w/ french balcony
 06-Apr-24 Arosa Stella $1,634 $1,852 $2,179 $2,288
 13-Apr-24 Arosa Stella $1,852 $2,070 $2,397 $2,506
 20-Apr-24 Arosa Stella $1,852 $2,070 $2,397 $2,506
 27-Apr-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 04-May-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 11-May-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 18-May-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 25-May-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 01-Jun-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 08-Jun-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 15-Jun-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 29-Jun-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 13-Jul-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 27-Jul-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 10-Aug-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 24-Aug-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 31-Aug-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 07-Sep-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 14-Sep-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 21-Sep-24 Arosa Stella $2,124 $2,342 $2,670 $2,778
 28-Sep-24 Arosa Stella $1,689 $1,948 $2,599 $2,729
 05-Oct-24 Arosa Stella $1,689 $1,948 $2,338 $2,469
 12-Oct-24 Arosa Stella $1,689 $1,948 $2,338 $2,469
27-Apr-25 Arosa Stella $1,868 $1,978 $2,188 $2,308
4-May-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
11-May-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
18-May-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
25-May-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
1-Jun-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
8-Jun-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
15-Jun-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
29-Jun-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
13-Jul-25 Arosa Stella $1,868 $1,978 $2,188 $2,308
27-Jul-25 Arosa Stella $1,868 $1,978 $2,188 $2,308
10-Aug-25 Arosa Stella $1,648 $1,758 $1,978 $2,088
24-Jul-25 Arosa Stella $1,648 $1,758 $1,978 $2,088
31-Jul-25 Arosa Stella $1,868 $1,978 $2,188 $2,308
10-Aug-25 Arosa Stella $1,648 $1,758 $1,978 $2,088
24-Aug-25 Arosa Stella $1,648 $1,758 $1,978 $2,088
31-Aug-31 Arosa Stella $1,868 $1,978 $2,188 $2,308
7-Sep-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
14-Sep-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
21-Sep-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528
28-Sep-25 Arosa Stella $2,088 $2,198 $2,418 $2,528


REGULAR Rate includes: cruise and port taxes, 1 excursion and a beverage package - Soft Drinks, as well as tea and coffee specialties, Beer, sparkling white wine, as well as open wines and daily recommendations from the wine menu (by the glass), Cocktails and long drinks throughout the day and evening. Sightseeing excursions are not included and can be booked onboard the ship.



Deck 3
Cabins are Cat D with
French doors


Deck 2
Cabins are Cat C with 
French doors

Deck 1
2 front cabins  are Cat S
Other cabins are Cat A