Holland and Belgium Cruise
Cologne to Cologne 5 night North


"Discover Antwerp's famous diamonds, cruise to Amsterdam and explore at your leisure. And delight in fashionable Dusseldorf. A perfect short break"



Lined with a bustling wide promenade and criss-crossed with bridges, your first glimpse of the mighty Rhine in Cologne is destined to be a memorable one. A major trading centre since the Roman times, this impressive city merges the old and the new perfectly. You'll find ancient walls and medieval churches rubbing shoulders with modern quarters, a fantastic selection of quality museums and, the calling card of the city, its famous cathedral, dominating the skyline.

Head into the charming Altstadt (Old Town) on the banks of the Rhine, and find yourself lost in narrow streets filled with traditional old houses, breweries, beer halls, cafes and shops. This is the place to come to experience a more traditional taste of Germany's fourth largest city, and the ideal way to kickstart your river cruise. Interested in exploring in detail? We'd recommend arranging an extra couple of days in the city at one of our partner hotels before you embark on your A-ROSA Rhine river cruise. That way, when you board your ship, you'll be relaxed, ready to go, and already have one fantastic city under your belt.


Port city, capital of cool and a haven for culture-loving foodies, this unique stop offers you a treasure trove of delights to explore. Starting from its Medieval heart where cobbled lanes bustle with treat-filled cafes, the riverside fortress that looks as though it's been plucked from the pages of a fairy tale, and a truly remarkable cathedral, you'll quickly fall in love with the city's historic highlights. There's so much more to Antwerp though. Long renowned as a hotspot for the jet set and the epicentre of the diamond trade, this progressive place showcases a superb entertainment and arts scene, as well as world-class shopping (just remember your credit card!).


The old harbour area is a fantastic place to take a stroll. It is now a trendy, modern district, with lofts, theatres and night clubs occupying converted warehouse buildings, and luxury yachts from all corners of the world moored at the quay.


Few European cities are as diverse as Amsterdam, with its multicultural charm, relaxed atmosphere, historic canal district and the highest concentration of museums in the world. Don’t miss the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum, which was restored to its former glory several years ago following a decade-long renovation project. Follow the locals’ example and explore by bike, or take a trip along the canals and discover Amsterdam from the water.


Whether you’re ambling along one of Germany’s leading luxury shopping streets, the ‘Kö’, sipping an Altbier fresh from the tap in one of the historical old quarter's over 300 pubs or discovering one of the city’s many green oases, such as the Hofgarten, today's port, Dusseldorf, has almost everything you could hope for.
Most of the city’s population calls the Uerige – the archetypical Düsseldorf brewery – their local. Funnily enough, the name of the establishment comes from a local word for ‘grumpy’. The Köbesse – as the waiting staff here are known – are rather unfriendly, in keeping with tradition. Austere or not, this place is always full.


End of cruise.



Day Port Arr Dep Comments
1 Cologne (Germany)   4:00pm Embarkation 2:00pm
2 Antwerp (Belgium) 3:00pm   Optional city tour to Brussels by Shuttle
3 Antwerp (Belgium)   6:00pm Optional city tour
4 Amsterdam (Netherlands) 12:00pm 6:30pm Optional city tour of Amsterdam  with free time
5 Dusseldorf (Germany) 2:30pm 11:00pm Optional tour
6 Cologne (Germany) 6:00am   Disembarkation 8:00

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2022 Per Person Cruise Only Fares   

Departure Ship Cat (S) Deck 1
Back Deck
Cat (A) / (G) Family
Deck 1
Cat (B) Deck 3 Panoramic Window Cat (C) Deck 3 French Doors Cat (D) Deck 3 French Doors Cat (E) Deck 3 Jr Suite with French Doors Cat (F) Deck 3 Balcony Suite
26-Mar-22 Aqua $1,038 $1,209   $1,416 $1,507    
31-Mar-22 Aqua $1,038 $1,209   $1,416 $1,507    
5-Apr-22 Aqua $1,038 $1,209   $1,416 $1,507    
30-Oct-22 Aqua $1,038 $1,209   $1,416 $1,507    


REGULAR Rate includes: cruise and port taxes, listed INCLUDED excursions, and a beverage package - Soft Drinks, as well as tea and coffee specialties, Beer, sparkling white wine, Cremant and Prosecco (in a glass), as well as open wines and daily recommendations from the wine menu (by the glass), Cocktails and long drinks throughout the day and evening. Sightseeing excursions are not included and can be booked onboard.


3 Deck Ship

Rhine DP






Deck 3

Cabins are Cat D with
French doors

Deck 2
Cabins are Cat C with 
French doors

Deck 1
4 back cabins 
are Cat S

Other cabins are Cat A



4 Deck Ship


Deck 4 Deck 4
Deck 3 Deck 3
Green Cabins are Cat D with
French doors, Lite blue is Jr Suite with French Doors and Dark blue are suites with balconies
Deck 2 Deck 2
Cabins are Cat C with 
French doors
Deck 1 Deck 1
2 yellow cabins 
are Cat S
Other cabins are Cat A