Passau to Passau -
5 night Danube Discovery River Cruise


DAY 1: Engelhartszell (Embarkation)

Where the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers meet, pretty Passau is the well-located starting point for your Danube journey. Arrive a day or two before your river cruise, and spend some time getting to know the impressive Altstadt (Old Town) complete with magnificently grand buildings reflecting the city's colourful history.

DAY 2: Vienna

As scenic sailing goes, the picture-perfect stretch of Danube river valley between Melk and Krems is pretty hard to beat. Famed for its cute towns dotting verdant landscapes dipping into the River Danube, the Wachau Valley is best enjoyed from the Sun Deck or balcony of your A-ROSA ship. We'll pass through the Wachau Valley in the morning, so put down the book, grab a coffee, and let the scenery unfurl in front of you...

There is simply nowhere like Vienna. Rich in culture, gastronomy and good looks, this grand city is wonderful at any time of year. Picture Baroque palaces, enormous beautifully-tended gardens hidden behind unassuming facades, the grandest of coffee houses where you can practically sense the historic figures of yesteryear putting their heads together. From Freud to Klimt, Beethoven to Strauss, this intellectual and musical juggernaut will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your Danube cruise. And that's without even mentioning the famous Sachertorte…
An overnight stay here in the city will be one of the main highlights of your Danube river cruise. You may decide to put on the glad rags and head out for a classical music concert. Schoenbrunn's is particularly impressive. But whatever you choose to do, you can enjoy in the knowledge your stylish and comfortable A-Rosa ship is waiting for you back in port.

DAY 3: Bratislava

Squeezed snugly between Austria and Hungary, Slovakia’s capital Bratislava may be compact, but it packs a punch in history, culture and striking looks. With a location that has carved it out as an ethnic melting pot since ancient times, you can expect to see the influence play out in every corner of the city. Picture a medieval and Gothic old town alive with the sound of different languages and nationalities, grand baroque palaces built by Hungarian nobility and communist-era blocks and unique futuristic bridge reflecting its more recent past. Travel outside of the city, along the banks of the River Danube, and you’ll also find the surrounding area is naturally blessed too. Rolling away to the north of Bratislava, you’ll discover the excellent vineyards of the Small Carpathians waiting to be discovered.

DAY 4: Krems - Melk

Sometimes on a river cruise, it's the unexpected stops that surprise you. And Krems an der Donau may well be just that place. Krems, as it's known to its friends, is a small town that punches well above its weight both culturally and scenically. Time here is best spent meandering the banks of the River Danube, dipping into the story-book perfect churches and museums and sampling the region's world-class Riesling and Grüner Veltliner wines.

No visit to Melk would be complete without discovering its famous abbey. Set high above the River Danube commanding incredible views across this area's beautiful valleys and Melk's cute cobbled town, Melk Abbey is undoubtedly the star of the show. Inside, you'll find rooms perfectly combining the Baroque and the modern, fascinating artefacts and exhibitions and, the jewel in the crown, the stunning library with intricately frescoed ceiling, spiral staircase and thousands upon thousands of books.

DAY 5: Wachau Passage

Where the future meets the past, the buzzing city of Linz mixes charming Altstadt (Old Town) splendour with a cutting-edge technology scene. Expect daring art installations, a futuristic gallery and a fantastic cosmopolitan feel in the city named European Capital of Culture in 2009. The Austria of your imagination is always just footsteps away though, dip into the Altstadt and find yourself lost amidst Renaissance houses and cosy restaurants.

DAY 6: Engelhartszell (Disembarkation)

Your cruise comes to an end this morning as you disembark in Engelhartszell after breakfast.



Danube Discovery

Engelhartszell to Engelhartszell

Day Port Arr Dep Comments
1 Engelhartszell (Austria)   5:00pm Embarkation 2:00pm
2 Vienna (Austria) 01:00pm   Optional city tour of Vienna with free time
      04:00am Optional tour to Schoenbrunn Palace
3 Budapest (Hungary) 12:30pm 6:30pm Optional city tour of Budapest with free time
3 Bratislava (Slovakia) 08:00am 12:00am Optional city tour of Bratislava
4 Krems (Austria) 1:00pm 2:00pm Stop for Melk Abbey excursion
4 Melk (Austria) 6:00pm 7:00pm Pick up Melk Abbey Excursion
5 Linz (Austria)      
6 Engelhartszell (Austria) 7:00am   Disembarkation 08:00

- subject to changes -


2023 / 2024 Per Person Cruise Only Fares   

Departure Ship Cat (S) Deck 1
Back Deck
Cat (A) / (G) Family
Deck 1
Cat (B)
Deck 3
Panoramic Window
Cat (C) Deck 2 French Doors Cat (D) Deck 3 French Doors Cat (E) Deck 3 Jr Suite French Doors Cat (F)
Deck 3
Suite -
20-Oct-23 Arosa Flora $1,132 $1,312   $1,673 $1,852 $2,332
25-Oct-23 Arosa Donna $1,132 $1,312   $1,673 $1,852 $2,332
30-Oct-23 Arosa Flora $1,132 $1,312   $1,673 $1,852 $2,332
04-Nov-23 Arosa Flora $1,132 $1,312   $1,673 $1,852 $2,332
94-Nov-23 Arosa Flora $1,132 $1,312   $1,673 $1,852 $2,332
14-Nov-23 Arosa Flora $1,132 $1,312   $1,673 $1,852 $2,332
19-Nov-23 Arosa Flora $1,132 $1,312   $1,673 $1,852 $2,332
 28-Mar-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 25-Jul-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 30-Jul-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 20-Oct-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 25-Oct-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 26-Oct-24 Arosa Donna $1,143 $1,307 $1,525 $1,634
 30-Oct-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 31-Oct-24 Arosa Donna $1,143 $1,307 $1,525 $1,634
 04-Nov-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 09-Nov-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 14-Nov-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669
 19-Nov-24 Arosa Flora $1,143 $1,307   $1,634 $1,797 $2,233 $2,669




**Please note that this is a bi-lingual ship with information provided in both English and German, and an international cruise host on board.**

REGULAR Rate includes: cruise and port taxes, listed INCLUDED excursions, and a beverage package - Soft Drinks, as well as tea and coffee specialties, Beer, sparkling white wine, Cremant and Prosecco (in a glass), as well as open wines and daily recommendations from the wine menu (by the glass), Cocktails and long drinks throughout the day and evening. Sightseeing excursions are not included and can be booked onboard.







Deck 3

Cabins are Cat B with
panorama windows

Deck 2
Cabins are Cat C with 
French doors


Deck 1
4 front cabins 
are Cat S
Other cabins are Cat A



4 Deck Ship


Deck 4 Deck 4
Deck 3 Deck 3
Green Cabins are Cat D with
French doors, Lite blue is Jr Suite with French Doors and Dark blue are suites with balconies
Deck 2 Deck 2
Cabins are Cat C with 
French doors
Deck 1 Deck 1
2 yellow cabins 
are Cat S
Other cabins are Cat A