Dusseldorf to Dusseldorf -
5 night Rhine River Cruise

This river cruise recounts the history of old cathedral cities, reports on the latest news from the buzzing financial hub of “Mainhattan” and enchants guests with fairytale landscapes. Write your own story as you enjoy culture and culinary delights in Cologne, marvel at forts and castles in the Rhine Gorge and indulge in fine wines in the Rhinegau. Your journey concludes with fascinating insights into the Roman past of Mainz and Boppard that will delight historians and oenophiles alike� what a happy ending!


Rhine Metropolis Map


Ship departs around 3:00pm in the afternoon toward Cologne.� Arriving around 8pm.


Evening arrival in the cathedral city of Cologne. The largest Gothic church in Northern Europe,the cathedral's treasures draw more visitors than any other historic site in Germany - its celebrated Shrine of the Three Kings is said to contain the remains of the Three Wise Men. There may be time to visit the Cathedral.


Afternoon arrival in Niederlahnstein, located at the conflunce of the Lahn River and Rhine River, located about 4 miles south of Koblenz. Time to explore this charming town and it's area sites: the Romanesque Johannis Church - the oldest Luthern church in Luneburg Germany. Additional sites include the War Museum on Allerheiligenberg (All Saints' Mountain). On the other side of the Lahn River is OberLahnstein�featuring lots of towers and city walls from the Middle Ages, the 13th Century Lahneck Castle, offering spectacular views from it's tower, Castle Martinsburg��- originally a toll castle from the 14th century, featuring a hexagonal tower.

Late night departure of the ship toward Mainz


Arrive in Mainz early afternoon.� This lovely city is home to the Guttenberg Museum.� There are 2 optional excursions available.

MAINZ EXCURSION: Mainz, situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Main rivers, has 2000 years of history to discover. Join the city tour near the ship and visit the modern landmarks of this medieval city with our expert guides. Walk through the winding old town with its picturesque half-timbered houses, see the important monuments of Roman and Christian Mainz, and pass the Romanesque cathedral, one of the most important Romanesque church buildings in Europe. Mainz is also home to the first printed Bible in the bibliophile paradise of the Gutenberg Museum.

MAINZ AND GUTTENBERG TOUR: Meet up with the expert guides at the ship and take a short walk to the city center. You will get to know the small and winding old town with its half-timbered houses, see important monuments of the Roman and Christian Mainz, and experience the atmosphere of the city that is home to an annual festival and an important media center. Mainz was largely restored and rebuilt in 1945, after the Second World War The highlight of the visit is the Romanesque cathedral, one of the most important Romanesque churches in Europe. But Mainz is also home to Johannes von Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable type, which made it possible to print books. A visit to the famous Gutenberg Museum will complete the tour.

Ship departs Mainz in the evening for Frankfurt.


Free time in Frankfurt in the morning. Ship departs Frankfurt during lunch and arrive in the wine town of Oestrich Winkel, where you overnight.


Free time in Oestrich Winkel in the morning. Oestrich-Winkel is a town with roughly 12,000 inhabitants in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis in Germany. Oestrich-Winkel was founded on the 1st of July, 1972 by the merger of the municipalities of Mittelheim, Oestrich and Winkel; Oestrich-Winkel is characterized by winegrowing. In Winkel stands Germany's oldest stone house, the Graues Haus. For a long time it was believed that Rabanus Maurus lived and in 856 died there. Schloss Vollrads, outside Winkel, with its ancient water tower likewise belongs among the noteworthy sights. On the town's northeast limit near Hattenheim stands Schloss Reichartshausen (founded in the 12th century) with its outbuildings, which about 1900 were remodelled to look like follies. It nowadays houses the European Business School. In the middle of the community stands the Brentanohaus. Here, Goethe spent some time in 1814 as a guest of the Frankfurt banking family Brentano.

Depart Oestrich Winkel during lunch heading to Boppard, where you arrive mid afternoon.


Boppard is located on the left bank of the Rhine, some 12 miles (20 km) south of the city of Koblenz. The city was the site of an early Celtic settlement and of the Roman fort of Baudobriga, from which the modern name is derived. Under the Merovingian dynasty it became a royal residence. During the Middle Ages it was a considerable centre of commerce and shipping, and under the Hohenstaufen emperors it became a free imperial city. In 1312, Boppard is still partly surrounded by medieval walls, and its picturesque appearance has made it a centre of tourism. Notable buildings include the Romanesque Church of St. Severus (12th-13th century), the Gothic Carmelite Church (14th century), and the archbishop's castle (14th century), which now houses the municipal museum. The city also has a spa with mineral springs. Boppard's Electorial Castle (or Alte Burg, "Old Castle") is one of the few along the Middle Rhine that has never been destroyed. Visitors can explore its full 13th century majesty right along the water's edge in the center of town.���

Depart Boppard during the evening, returning to Dusseldorf.


Ship arrive about 7am. Disembark after breakfast.



Day Port Arr Dep Comments
1 Dusseldorf (Germany)   2:00pm Embarkation 1:00pm
1 Cologne (Germany) 08:00pm   Free Time to view the Cathedral
2 Cologne (Germany)   04:00am  
2 Niederlahnstein (Germany) 02:00pm   Free time
3 Niederlahnstein (Germany)   03:30am  
3 Mainz (Germany) 01:30pm 9:00pm Free time or 2 optional tours
4 Frankfurt/Main (Germany) 02:30am 12:00pm Free time in the morning
4 Oestrich Winkel (Germany) 07:30pm   All day cruising
5 Oestrich Winkel (Germany)   12:00pm Free time in the morning
5 Boppard (Germany) 3:00pm 10:45pm  
6 Passau (Germany) 8:00am   Disembarkation 09:00

- subject to changes -

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20-Mar-20 Tiara $714� $1075 $1215 $1175 $1315
30-Mar-20 Tiara $714�   $1215 $1175 $1315
09-Apr-20 Tiara   $1115   $1315  


**Please note that this is a bi-lingual ship with information provided in both English and German, and an international cruise host on board.**


REGULAR Rate includes: cruise and port taxes, GRATUITIES, all meals, wine, and a beverage package - Soft Drinks, as well as tea and coffee, Beer, wine, throughout the day and evening between 10am and midnight. Sightseeing excursions are not included and can be booked onboard.



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