Barging for Groups

The intimate French barges are great for groups. Whether the group is family members, business associates, or members of a special interest group, the atmosphere of the barge brings people together. The experiences are so unique and the enjoyment of sharing these with fellow guests is something you will always remember.

The barges are great for special interest groups such as: garden and architecture enthusiasts, opera and music lovers, fine food and wine, golfing, religious tours, painting, and people that enjoy walking or cycling.

With the barge cruises, the group organizer can have everything taken care of without worry. We can pick the group up at the airport, transfer them to the barge, from there, everything is taken care of by a very willing staff, who want only to make your trip be the best ever. All the tours and sightseeing are arranged, so again nothing to worry about. When the cruise is over, transfers back to the airport or to a hotel or the train station will be arranged.

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