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Dusseldorf to Dusseldorf -
4 night Rhine Experience Netherlands River Cruise

It really comes as no surprise that Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in Europe. The Tulip Kingdom is full of culture and the variety of experiences seem endless. Enjoy the international flair and discover the Old Masters in the city‘s museums, before its little sister Rotterdam with its futuristic skyline comes into view. After inspiring architectural works of art and the rough charm of the international port, historical Nijmegen is a true contrast. Countless impressions in just five days!



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Ship departs in the afternoon toward Amsterdam. 


The beautiful capital city of the Netherlands is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe thanks to its many attractions. Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city with many world-famous sights, not least of which is its traditional narrow houses with their gabled facades dating back to the Golden Age of the 17th century

Amsterdam is also famous as an artistic hotspot and visitors flock to the many museums and galleries including the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. Take a stroll or discover the city on two wheels - cycling is a popular pastime here - and get a real feel for the authentic Dutch atmosphere. Experience the notorious Red Light District by day or by night, visit the Anne Frank House where the family hid during the German occupation or take a boat trip on the spectacular canals - all wonderful ways to enjoy your time in the city.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Amsterdam: Canal cruise

A canal cruise is a must during your visit to Amsterdam. In a covered boat, you will discover the city in a surprisingly different way that is closed to pedestrians. The leisurely trip takes you through large and small canals, under low bridges and along magnificent Kontor buildings and former warehouses from the 16th and 17th centuries. The one-hour trip with explanations begins and ends near the ship's mooring.

Short walk to the canal boat!

Subject to change without notice. Please note that your route may not include all the excursions listed. You will receive further information about the excursions that can be booked with your travel documents and on board. Walking 1 1/2 hours

EXCURSION OFFERED: Amsterdam: Zaanse Schans with boat tour

If you would like to get an accurate impression of life in Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries, visit the Zaanse Schans. In this region there are authentic houses, windmills, a pewter factory, a cheese and milk factory and other handicrafts. The old Zaan style is visible both inside and outside. In the 17th century more than 600 windmills were built in the Zaanse Schans area, creating the first industrial area. The windmills were used to grind spices, make paints, saw wood and produce oil, among other things. Some of these windmills still exist and can still be visited today. You can see how these wind-powered machines work from inside and outside. This tour also includes a boat trip --- Enjoy the landscape and the beautiful windmills from the water side. Bus and Walking 4 1/2 hours

Subject to change without notice. Please note that your route may not include all the excursions listed. You will receive further information about the excursions that can be booked with your travel documents and on board. Walking 1 1/2 hours


Early morning departure towards Rotterdam.

Discover beautiful Rotterdam, the second-biggest city in the Netherlands. This major port is in the South of the country and has a long and fascinating seafaring heritage. While much of the city was reconstructed following the Second World War, the modern and bold architecture is exceptionally attractive, making this the perfect spot to discover the best of the Low Countries.

You can learn more about the city's shipping past at the Maritime Museum where exhibits and vintage ships showcase the region's history. Rotterdam is also well-known for its Delfshaven neighborhood - a district which dates back to the 1600s. This part of the city is home to canalside boutiques as well as the Pilgrim Fathers' Church - the site where the pilgrims worshiped before they sailed to the New World.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Rotterdam: City and harbour tour

Rotterdam is one of the most modern cities in the Netherlands and is therefore also called "Manhatten on the Meuse". In terms of urban development, Rotterdam has gained worldwide recognition because of the way it was rebuilt after the Second World War, during which the city was almost completely destroyed. During a bus tour, accompanied by a local guide, you will discover this fascinating city with its impressive market hall, spectacular cube houses and much more. The tour is interrupted by an extensive harbour tour by ship. Until just a few years ago Rotterdam was the largest port in the world. You will see different parts of the harbour and will certainly be impressed by the enormous activities. Of course you will also get a lot of interesting information and an insight into a world full of dynamics during this tour. Afterwards the bus will take you back to your floating hotel. Bus and Boat 4 hours

EXCURSION OFFERED: Rotterdam: City Walking Tour

The city walk takes you to the best and most important sights of Rotterdam such as the spectacular cube houses, the old harbour, the maritime museum and the impressive market hall. Many cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona, Copenhagen or Stockholm already know the phenomenon; the market hall. And Rotterdam now has one too! With a covered floor the size of a football field full of stalls selling fresh fish, meat, vegetables and delicacies. Ideal for true gourmets. The Markthal Rotterdam consists of 100 fresh stalls, 15 food shops and 8 restaurants. From fresh bread to delicious cheese, fish, poultry, flowers and plants, you will find everything under one roof. Walking 1 1/2 hours

EXCURSION OFFERED:Rotterdam: Delft with Royal Delft and Nieuwe Kerk

Royal Delft is the only producer of Delft blue since the 17th century. To this day Royal Delft uses the same production method that is the worldwide standard for contemporary Delft blue. After Royal Delft, visit the historic centre of Delft with its picturesque streets and the New Church. The church is also famous for the Praalgraf von Willem van Oranje. Under the tomb is the burial cellar of Oranje-Nassau, the burial cellar of the royal family. Bus and Walking 4 hours


Probably the oldest town in the Netherlands, Nijmegen's history dates back to Roman times. Located on the Waal river, the town originated as a Roman military camp. Visitors enjoy visiting parks such as the Valkhof Park, located by the river, and the Kronenburger park, situated between the old town and the railway station.

The town centre's Grote Markt (market square) is home to a large number of restaurants and cafes where visitors can relax and soak-up the local atmosphere. The square also plays host to the 13th century St. Stevens church and De Waagh, a beautiful building that dates back to the 17th century. Due to its varied and ancient history, Nijmegen has a number of museums that reflect the events that took place in and around the town. A bicycle museum displays examples of the Netherlands favourite form of transport that date from the 1800's to WW2 and beyond.

EXCURSION OFFERED: Nijmegen: City Walking Tour

The oldest city in the Netherlands has a rich history, which is reflected in magnificent medieval monuments. During the walk through the historic city centre with the Valkhof, the church tower St. Steventoren and the legendary Mariken, the glorious history of the city comes alive again. Walking 1 1/2 hours


Ship arrive about 8am. Disembark after breakfast.




Day Port Arr Dep Comments
1 Dusseldorf (Germany)   5:00pm Embarkation 1:00pm
2 Amsterdam (Netherlands) 9:30am   Optional tour or Free Time
3 Amsterdam (Netherlands)   7:00am  
3 Rotterdam (Netherlands) 3:00pm 11:59pm Optional tour or Free Time
4 Nijmgen (Netherlands) 08:30am 7:30pm Optional tour or Free Time
5 Dusseldorf (Germany) 8:00am   Disembarkation 09:00

- subject to changes -

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