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Treasures of Burgundy and Provence - 8 days

From Lyon to Lyon

Enjoy the fascination of a cruise on the French rivers Rhone and Saone through one of Europe's most beautiful Countryside with almost innumerable highlights: world famous wine-growing regions such as Cote d' Or, unique Landscapes such as that of Burgundy, the splendid view on the historic towns and monuments. The cruise on your floating hotel is without doubt the best way to savor the matchless French savoir vivre by exploring Provence,a very special corner of Europe.


1 Lyon   22:00 Check-in from 16:00
Welcome cocktail
Welcome dinner
2 Macon 08:00 19:00 Maconnais excursion with visit to a wine museum in the morning
Visit to Cluny Abbey in the afternoon
3 Chalon sur Saone 08:00 14:30 Burgundy excursion to Beaune with wine tasting in the morning
Excursion to Brancion and Cormatin in the afternoon (by bus from Chalon sur Saone/ to Tournus)
3 Tournus 17:30 19:30 Leisure time/ rejoin the ship
4 Lyon 06:00 12:00 City tour Lyon
5 Avignon 09:00   Walking tour of Avignon with Pope palace in the morning
6 Avignon   05:00 Excursion to Pont du Gard and Uzes in the afternoon
6 Arles 08:00 18:30 Walking tour of Arles in the morning
Excursion to Camargue Nature Park in the afternoon
7 Viviers 04:30 08:30 Excursion to the Ardeche Gorge (by bus from Viviers/ to Le Pouzin)
7 Le Pouzin 12:00 14:00 Leisure time/ rejoin the ship
Captain's Gala Dinner (incl.)
8 Lyon 08:00   Disembarkation after breakfast
We reserve the right to make amendments to the timetable and program.





This afternoon, embark the vessel and get settled into your cabin. This evening, enjoy a Welcome Cocktail, followed by a specially prepared Welcome Dinner.


This morning the vessel arrives in the town of Macon, located in southern Burgundy. This wine-producing region produces some of the most expensive wines in the world.

Spend the morning exploring the city, and perhaps visit the wine museum, dedicated to the history and production of Burgundy wines. Near the city of Macon is the Cluny Abbey, dedicated to St. Peter. This afternoon offers the opportunity to visit the spiritual heart of medieval Europe. Founded in 910 by Guillaume de Aquitaine, the abbey is comprised of three abbey churches. At its height, it was home to over 10,000 monks.


Continue to explore the wine region with a stop in the town of Chalon sur Saone. Halftimbered houses overlook the square, and it offers art galleries, specialty shops as well as a museum dedicated to photography. The countryside is filled with famous vineyards such as Pommard and Puligny, a wine lover's delight. This afternoon enjoy the scenery as the vessel continues its way along the Saone, or perhaps choose to explore the medieval towns of Brancion and Cormatin and rejoin the vessel in Tournus.


At the confluence of the Rhone and the Saone rivers, sits the third-largest city in France. This UNESCO World Heritage city is known for its cuisine as well as historical and architectural landmarks such as the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere and the Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) which is the Renaissance area along the bank of the Saone.

Relax this afternoon as the vessel sails through the picturesque countryside.


The Provencal city of Avignon is home to the Papal Palace, once the seat of Western Christianity in the 14th century. The Papal Palace, was home to six papal conclaves but became obsolete when the papacy decided to return to Rome. The area of Provence is also home to the Pont du Gard, a three-level aqueduct constructed over 2000 years ago by the Romans and is one of the architectural masterpieces of the ancient world.

Your vessel remains in Avignon this evening.


Arles captured the imagination of the brilliant Impressionist painter, Van Gogh. Walking through the town, many of the settings may
seem familiar as some of Van Gogh's best known pieces reflect the beauty of the town.

Outside of Arles, the Camargue Nature Park is located. The Park covers 86,000 hectares and is known for its unique flora and fauna as well as semiwild bulls and white Camargue horses.


This morning offers the opportunity to view the Ardeche Gorge, another natural wonder of the area. Visit the "Grand Canyon of Europe"
and rejoin the vessel in time for lunch.

Alternately spend the day onboard relaxing.

This evening is the Captain's Gala Dinner.


We bid you farewell after breakfast. We hope to welcome you again soon!


2017 Rates in US Dollars

Departure Ship Haydn-Deck C-4 Haydn-Deck C-1 Strauss-Deck B-4 Strauss-Deck B-1 Mozart-Deck A-1 Mozart-Suite
Lyon to Lyon
01-Jun-17 Provence $2,699 $3,133 $3,659 $3,983 $4,398 $5,137
15-Jun-17 Provence $2,699 $3,133 $3,659 $3,983 $4,398 $5,137
20-Jul-17 Provence $2,243 $2,661 $3,161 $3,474 $3,890 $4,629
03-Aug-17 Provence $2,243 $2,661 $3,161 $3,474 $3,890 $4,629
10-Aug-17 Provence $2,243 $2,661 $3,161 $3,474 $3,890 $4,629
17-Aug-17 Provence $2,699 $3,133 $3,659 $3,982 $4,385 $5,137
31-Aug-17 Provence $2,699 $3,133 $3,659 $3,982 $4,398 $5,137
07-Sep-17 Provence $2,699 $3,133 $3,659 $3,982 $4,398 $5,137
28-Sep-17 Provence $2,699 $3,133 $3,659 $3,982 $4,398 $5,137
12-Oct-17 Provence $1,769 $2,205 $2,748 $3,044 $3,451 $4,199
19-Oct-17 Provence $1,637 $2,073 $2,616 $2,912 $3,319 $4,067
26-Oct-17 Provence $1,373 $1,809 $2,352 $2,648 $3,055 $3,803
29-Mar-18 Provence $1,453 $1,783 $2,223 $2,443 $2,773 $3,356
05-Apr-18 Provence $1,596 $1,981 $2,443 $2,696 $3,048 $3,708
24-May-18 Provence $2,553 $2,938 $3,378 $3,686 $4,368 $4,676
31-May-18 Provence $2,553 $2,938 $3,378 $3,686 $4,368 $4,676
14-Jun-18 Provence $2,553 $2,938 $3,378 $3,686 $4,368 $4,676
21-Jun-18 Provence $2,553 $2,938 $3,378 $3,686 $4,368 $4,676
26-Jul-18 Provence $2,421 $2,806 $3,246 $3,488 $4,181 $4,456
02-Aug-18 Provence $2,421 $2,806 $3,246 $3,488 $4,181 $4,456
16-Aug-18 Provence $2,421 $2,806 $3,246 $3,488 $4,181 $4,456
30-Aug-18 Provence $2,553 $2,938 $3,378 $3,686 $4,368 $4,676
04-Oct-18 Provence $1,981 $2,366 $2,828 $3,081 $3,433 $4,093
18-Oct-18 Provence $1,981 $2,366 $2,828 $3,081 $3,433 $4,093
01-Nov-18 Provence $1,321 $1,651 $2,003 $2,223 $2,498 $3,048


Excursion Packages

    A B C D
Maconnais excursion with visit to a wine museum 76 US$ p.P. yes yes yes
Visit to Cluny Abbey 64 US$ p.P.   yes yes  
Beaune and the Burgundy including wine tasting 76 US$ p.P. yes yes yes  
Medieval Brancion and Cormatin 64 US$ p.P.     yes  
City tour Lyon 42 US$ p.P. yes yes yes  
City walk Avignon with Pope palace 42 US$ p.P. yes yes yes  
Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard and Uzes 52 US$ p.P.     yes  
Nature Reserve Camargue 50 US$ p.P.   yes yes  
City Walk Arles 31 US$ p.P. yes   yes  
Valley of the Ardeche 50 US$ p.P.   yes yes  
Total: 266 US$ 400 US$ 546 US$  
Packages booked in advance with 15% discount: 227 US$ 340 US$ 464 US$  


Transfers Lyon
Airport - Port $68
Train station - Port $47


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