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Mantova to Ferrara and Venice

The itinerary winds its way along the Mincio and the Po, penetrating into rural areas of the Italian countryside that are still uncontaminated, and ends in the warm embrace of the Venetian Lagoon. This territory has been reclaimed from the marshes for many centuries now and is framed by green pine-woods, which offer protection for numerous species of animals. The work of man overlaps nature in a constant game of roles: reclaimed land alternate


Venice Region of Italy

8 day barge & bike cruise


You can book this trip as a bike & barge trip or as a cruise. If you book a bike & barge trip, you can make a bike tour of 20 - 40 km

Itinerary: Mantova - Mantova - Zelo - Castelguglielmo - Ferrara - Adria - Porto Levante - Chioggia - Venice

Highlights: maze of the Delta - marshes and lagoons of the Po / Ferrera - old walled city / Venice - romantic city - Brenta canal - beautiful old Venetian villas


DAY 1 Mantova.

Individual arrival in Mantova, where you board the Vita Pugna.

DAY 2 Mantova - Zelo (approx 50 km).

The boat takes us to Governolo, stronghold of the Mincio Pirates:  here, you take our bikes and start our ride. We cycle towards San Benedetto Po, home of an ancient monastery. We continue following the Po as far as Revere, summer residence of the Gonzaga dynasty. The last stretch of road brings us to the harbour of Ostiglia on the Fissero/Bianco canal, where you board the boat. A short stretch of navigation brings us to Zelo or Castelguglielmo, where you will moor for the night (overnight in Revere if the level of the Po is suitable).

DAY 3 Zelo - Ferrara - Adria (approx 50 km).

Departure for Ferrara: the historic centre is still surrounded by the old city walls. The great number of cycle paths and the widespread use of bikes have earned Ferrara the name of "the city of bicycles". At the end of the day, on board Vita Pugna,  you reach Adria: the pearl of the Polesine, an ancient Greek port, famous for trading amber coming from the Baltic, which gave its name to the sea it faced (overnight in Ferrara if the level of the Po is suitable).

DAY 4 Adria - Porto Viro - Albarella (35/55 km).

We go deep into the maze of the Delta, an uncontaminated paradise between the marshes and lagoons of the Po, pedalling in the heart of nature. The destination today is Porto Levante, a small marine village of ancient traditions.

DAY 5 Albarella - Chioggia(approx 40 km).

Vita Pugna leaves us on the other bank of the Po di Levante.  We are approaching Albarella, suspended between water and land, as you pedal between the Delta and the mouth of the River Adige. From Cavanella d'Adige, the farthermost border between the provinces of Rovigo and Venice, you then follow the Po-Brondolo Waterway, which links the river to the Venetian lagoon. We will stay overnight in "Little Venice".

DAY 6 Chioggia - Venice (approx 30 km).

Vita Pugna brings us to the Oasis of Ca' Roman, a sandy islet surrounded by pine-woods. Pedalling along the lagoon, you reach Pellestrina: from here, you ride as far as the ferry landingstage. A short boat ride takes us back up the Lido, along the 'Murazzi', with a stop in Malamocco, the ancient harbour.  Overnight in the Venetian lagoon.

DAY 7 Venice Free day.

At your disposal you have a free ticket allowing you to use the boat transportation network and some suggested itineraries.

DAY 8 Venice. Departure.

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Vita Pugna
Accommodations Rate Type Rate Amount
Stateroom per person 7 night 1891
Single Cabin 7 night 2346


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Apr 02, 16, 30; May 14, 28; Jun 11, 25; Jul 09, 23; Aug 06, 20; Sep 03, 17; Oct 01, 15 7 night Mantua to Venice
Apr 09, 24; May 07, 21; Jun 04, 18; Jul 02, 16, 30; Aug 13, 27; Sep 10, 24; Oct 08, 22 7 night Venice to Mantua


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