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Casual Barge Biking Cruises in Germany

The cruises listed below are for those passengers that are looking for a very laid back experience at an affordable price.  These cruises are multi language.  Your cabin consists of your own private toilet and shower, though you take care of cleaning your room.  You are given clean linens during the cruise and you make your own bed.  Lunch is a packed bag each day.  There is no formal meals such as a Captain's Farewell dinner.  No alcoholic beverages included in the rates.

These are a great value and great fun if the above features appeal to you.  

Germany Main River Tour

8 Days

Miltenberg to Bamberg


You can book this trip as a bike & barge trip or as a cruise. If you book a bike & barge trip, you can make a bike tour of 20 - 40 km per day, accompanied by an experienced guide. If you book a cruise, you sail with the barge and you use public transport, accompanied by another experienced guide.

Itinerary: Miltenberg – Lohr – Würzburg – Kitzingen – Schweinfurt – Hassfurt – Bamberg

Highlights:  Beer Gardens - Residence in Wurtzburg - Duomo in Bamberg - Fine White Wines

Bavarian joie de vivre

Some say Franconia is a region of excellent wines, and others recommend the Franks for their beer. Both sides are right. During this trip you will always have the opportunity to try fine wines, one or the other beer and some delicious culinary delights. But Franconia is not just an ideal region for the stomach.
You can also look forward to all the cultural highlights. In Würzburg for example, you can visit the castle gardens in the Residenz with rococo style, listed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The journey ends in Bamberg one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. There are attractions abound: the Duomo, the 15th-century Old Town Hall in the middle of the river Regnitz and arched bridges connected to the shore, the "Little Venice" with old fishermen's houses and of course the "beer gardens" where it is always nice to spend some time.


Day 1 (Sat): Miltenberg
Arrival in Miltenbeg around 3pm to board the ship. Take advantage of your time and walk through the historic old town Miltenberg and visit its picturesque marketplace, also known as "Schnatterloch" (chattering place).

Day 2 (Sun): Miltenberg - Wertheim - Lohr             Bike tour: 45KM (27 miles)
During a relaxing breakfast, the MS Allure brings you to Wertheim. In Wertheim, where the character of an old Frankish is preserved, starts your bike tour through the typical landscape of the Main. There is much to see on the route to Lohr, with its beautiful old town with historic buildings and Franconian timbered.

Day 3 (Mon): Lohr - Karlstadt          Bike tour: 30 km. (18 miles)
Early in the morning the ship cruises along Gemünden to Karlstadt, where the bike tour starts. The romance of an old town and the idyll of a village – Karlstadt has both. Explore the more than 800 year old buildings in the by walls, towers and Gates surrounded old town. Enjoy the relaxing bike tour to Wurzburg, where you will meet the ship again in the afternoon. Visit the Würzburg Residenz, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage since 1981 or enjoy the magnificent view from the fortress Marienburg.

Day 4 ( Tue): Wurtzburg - Kitzingen              Bike tour: ca 40 km (24 miles)
Today you will cycle along the Main cycle track from Wurzburg through the fruitful Ochsenfurt district to Ochsenfurt with its lance tower that is worth seeing and through the historic village Marktbreit with its fine residences to Kitzingen. In this city wine growing is a big thing. Dinner on your own in town.

Day 5 (Wed): Kitzingen - Vilkach - Schweinfurt                    Bike tour: ca 60 km. (36 miles)
Via the wine-growing areas of Dettelbach and Schwarzach am Main you cycle first to Volkach. Here it is worth visiting the pilgrimage church of St. Maria in Weingarten. Then you go on to Fahr, where a welcome notice in the form of a wine bottle greets you, via the Volkach loop in the Main river - here the valley becomes narrower and narrower and the vineyards more and more numerous - to Schweinfurt.

Day 6 (Thu): Schweinfurt - Habfurt          Bike tour: ca 40 km. (24 miles)
Schweinfurt, the 1200 year old former Free City of the Holy Roman Empire, offer its visitors a.o. things the lovely restored old city. From here you cycle easy along the Main river through wine-growing villages and fruit gardens to Haßfurt. In the rectangular layout of the city with the two large city towers there is also the city's parish church with figures by Tilman Riemenschneider.

Day 7 (Fri): Habfurt - Bamberg             Bike tour: ca 40 km. (24 miles)
Today you cycle via Zeil am Main, unique, exactly located on the borderline between the Franconian wine and beer country - to Bamberg. Like Rome, the city was built on seven hills and one therefore likes to call it the "Franconian Rome". Experience the fascinating heritage of world culture. The fishermen's quarter of "Little Venice", a row of residences from the 17th century, is also worth seeing. In any case Bamberg possesses a cool beer. There are still nine independent breweries in the city!

Day 8 (Sat): Bamberg
After breakfast the tour is ended

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