The 13 passenger L'Impressionniste, sister ship to La Belle Epoque began life as a cargo barge in Holland before undergoing a complete transformation into the powerful canal and river cruiser she is today

Her light and airy interior features picture windows and selections of prints, fabrics and wall colorings reminiscent of the turn of the century era after which she has been named. She is crewed by a knowledgeable Captain, Mater Chef and crew of three

L'Impressionniste's classic route covers some fine rural cruising, with plenty of opportunity to cycle and stroll along the tow-path and wander into nearby villages

* 13 Passengers; 2 Suites, 4 junior suites, 1 single
    Monet Stern Suite (13.62ft x 12.47ft)  incl bath  170sq feet
   Renoir Bow Suite (15.42ft x 9.68ft)  incl bath
   Sisley & Degas Junior Suites (10.33ft x 12.14ft)  incl bath
   Pissarro & Cezanne  Junior Suites (10.83ft x 9.84ft)
* 5 Crew members
* 2 Decks
* Stereo, DVD, CD player
* Spa Pool / fitness studio
* Bicycles
* Air conditioning / heating
* Handicap Access - NO
    L'Impressionniste has a gangplank from the bank to the deck with 2 handrails and 2 wide steps from the Deck to the Saloon.  There are 12 steps from the Saloon to the cabins.  These steps have a handrail and are wide enough for 1 person to walk besides another to assist them down the stairs.  L'Impressionniste is not the ideal cruise to book if you have mobility problems because of the excursions.  Some of the excursions would be very difficult and some would be impossible for you to attend as most excursions are on foot rather than by minibus


Jacuzzi Ballooning Gourmet Meals
Jacuzzi Ballooning Gourmet Meals
Dinner Table Lounge and Dining Room Lounge
Dinner Table Lounge and Dining Room Lounge
Double Bedded Cabin Bath Chateau along the Canal
Double Bedded Cabin Bath

Chateau Along the Canal

Beaune Hospice Chateau Margarite Village Market
Beaune Hospice Chateau Margarite Village Market





2019 Rates

Accommodations Rate Type Rate Amount
Charter 10 passengers wholeboat Regular 62600
Charter 10 passengers wholeboat Value 54400
Charter 11 passengers wholeboat Regular 64300
Charter 11 passengers wholeboat Value 56700
Charter 12 passengers wholeboat Regular 67000
Charter 12 passengers wholeboat Value 58000
Charter 8 passengers wholeboat Regular 59800
Charter 8 passengers wholeboat Value 52400
Charter 9 passengers wholeboat Regular 61900
Jr Suite Regular 6190
Jr Suite Value 5350
Single supplement Regular 2150
Single supplement Value 1900
Stateroom per person Regular 5990
Stateroom per person Value 5150
Charter 9 passengers wholeboat Value 54100


Departure Dates (Sunday) Rate Type Route
May 05, 12, 19, 26 Jun 02, 09, 26 Jul 07, 14Sep 01, 08, 15, 22, 29, Regular Burgundy
Apr 07, 15, 21, 28 Jul 21, 28 Aug 04, 11, 18 Oct 06, 13, 20 Value Burgundy

2020 Rates

There are no rate records in the database for this ship: L'Impressionniste


Departure Dates (Sunday) Rate Type Route
March 29 Value Burgundy
April 05, 12, 19 Value Burgundy
April 26 Regular Burgundy
May 03, 10, 17, 24, 31 Regular Burgundy
June 07, 14, 21, 28 Regular Burgundy
July 05, 12 Regular Burgundy
July 19 Value Burgundy
Aug 02, 09, 16 Value Burgundy
Aug 23, 30 Regular Burgundy
Sept 06, 13, 20, 27 Regular Burgundy
Oct 04, 11, 18 Value Burgundy

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