Cest le Vie
 Cruise in the Northern Burgundy Region

Enjoy yourself as we cruise through the centuries-old canals and history-rich waterways of rural France, mooring at picturesque medieval villages and meandering through miles of magnificent countryside spotted with wineries and chateaux. Enjoy, also, the superb wines, bountiful regional cheeses and sumptuous foods that are synonymous with the good life in France and beyond.

Immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of France's countryside and enjoy the relaxed but luxurious surroundings of The Cest le Vie. Sit back and unwind as we cruise into the peace and tranquility of rural France with its ever-changing vistas. Walk or jog or bike on the various paths along the way.

Relax on the sun deck and soak up the passing vistas. Explore by bicycle on the riverbank, or roam the picturesque villages beside your route. Stroll along the towpath and meet the boat at the next lock. After dinner, amble around the nearby village. Maybe watch a traditional regional sport.

* Cabins : king bed or  2 twin beds - 220 - 236 sq ft
* Private bath with roomy shower
* 110 & 220 volt power in all suites
* Writing desk in each suite
* 8 Passengers
* 4 - 5 Crew members
* Surround sound Stereo, CD
* Bicycles on board
* Air conditioning / Central Heating
* Handicap Access - NO

Good for walking and cycling, beautiful gardens area.

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2017 Rates

C'est la Vie
Accommodations Rate Type Rate Amount
Charter 8 passengers wholeboat Value 49300
Charter 7 passengers wholeboat Value 47300
Charter 6 passengers wholeboat Value 45300
Single supplement Value 3690
Suite per person Regular 6990
Charter 8 passengers wholeboat Regular 55900
Charter 7 passengers wholeboat Regular 53900
Charter 6 passengers wholeboat Regular 51900
Single supplement Regular 4990
Suite per person Value 6690


Departure Dates (Sunday) Rate Type Route
Apr 16, 30 May 14 Jul 09, 23 Value Burgundy region between Ravieres and St Florentin
May 21 Jun 18 Jul 02 Regular Burgundy region betweenand St Florentin and Ravieres
Oct 22 Value Sancerre-Montargis
Aug 13, 27 Sep 10, 24 Oct 8 Regular Sancerre-Montargis
May 28 Jun 11, 25 Regular Burgundy region between Ravieres and St Florentin
Apr 23, May 07 Jul 16, 30 Value Burgundy region betweenand St Florentin and Ravieres
Aug 06, Oct 15 Value Montargis-Sancerre

2018 Rates

There are no rate records in the database for this ship: C'est la Vie


There are no departure date records in the database for this ship: C'est la Vie

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