Please bear in mind that Alegria as all the barges on the Canal - will cruise at between 4 and 6 kms/hour depending on the meanders of the Canal and the traffic. Our objective is that you spend between 3 and 4 hours a day cruising. The day is split nicely between navigating the canal and visiting some of the exceptional sites in the region. You can also run or cycle along the Canal: you will go faster than the barge!! While cruising ... just relax, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the locks, refresh yourself in the pool and enjoy the drinks offered by your hostess!!

When you look at the itinerary below you might be surprised that no Wine Tasting or Cellar Tour is planned Do not worry!!!! Our Languedoc region offers many treasures of the local great wine makers. Depending on your taste and your willingness to discover some of them, we will personalize each cruise including visits which will appeal to you. The day is always long enough to allow time for this. Our schedule, as you can read below, is not very heavy. Some wine makers have also committed to coming on board Alegria to give you a personalized wine tasting.

The itinerary will be similar to the one below, but it can be changed according to your taste or due to unforeseeable circumstances. (This itinerary is therefore not to be considered as binding.) The same itinerary can also be done the other way round, Carcassonne to Beziers

The gastronomy aboard Alegria will vary a lot. You will taste some typical French local dishes as well as the best French gastronomy. Every meal will be accompanied by different wines, both local (the St-Chinian, Minerve, Corbires are more and more renowned) and from other regions of France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, etc). Straight from our Wine Fridge on board you will never be offered the same wine twice during the week (unless you insist on drinking again one that you particularly loved!)

For your added pleasure we set your table with different services for breakfast, lunch and dinner: from the festive one through the ethnic 
one to the classic one. When weather permits you have your meal outside on the deck.

- Our Chef will directly cater for you and might also teach some tips when he prepares a dish

- And we will also offer you some meals outside the barge in some excellent restaurants!

During the week you can count on at least two meals outside the barge We will talk about all these possibilities once you are on board, while you are holding a glass of Champagne


H I G H L I G H T S and E X C U R S I O N S

C A N A L   du   M I D I

 The main highlight on the Canal du Midi is the 17th Century marvel of the Canal du Midi, itself! With its 328 works and 45 000 trees linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean traversing a remote, unspoilt, countryside of the pristine Languedoc region, now world famous for its sophisticated wines - and then there are many more highlights


From 4pm we have the pleasure of welcoming you at the airport or at the railway station and driving you to Alegria. On the way we may pop into the City of Beziers to see the famous locks of Fonsranes. After you settle down on the barge, you'll a welcome drink of a glass of Champagne and the crew will be introduced to you. Alegria might even take you for a short introductory cruise, depending on the navigation conditions. We'll also explain you how the week will work and we'll give you the necessary instructions for your stay on board. We'll serve your first dinner and spend the night in Poilhes, our "home mooring".


Sunday is "Le Jour du march" in Capestang: your French Captain, Olivier, will teach you all the secrets of a French Public Market ... We may even find something tasty to buy for lunch which will be served along the beautiful bank of the Canal. The afternoon takes you to La Croisade underneath the lowest bridge on the Canal: the famous bridge of Capestang. Mind you head!

We spend the night in a restful place a stone's throw away from ... an old 17th century stone bridge.


Should you be interested in archeology, you can visit an exceptional site today: the Oppidum of Ensrune, one of the largest around the Mediterranean. This takes you back to pre-Roman times in the South of France, from the 6th century BC. Thereafter, we cruise along Le Sommail, one of the most charming villages along the Canal. Should you need a book for the week you can buy one from a unique book shop that has approximately 50 000 second-hand books in stock ... in many different languages!

The evening and the night are spent along the Canal near Roubia.


In the morning we visit Minerve, a fascinating site and a previously fortified village in a very special rocky environment. Minerve was attacked in 1210 by the terrible army led by Simon de Montfort: the right time for us to tell you about the Crusade of the Albigeois in the 13th Century, one of the harshest stories of our past

After the afternoon cruise you'll be offered a dinner " terre", off the barge. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of a French restaurant!

We spend the night in the beautiful area of Homps, a significant harbor on the Canal.


In the morning we drive through the landscape and we visit a beautiful town, Narbonne. Narbonne is full of Roman history and includes the "Palace of the Archbishop". You will love its Mediterranean and Gothic style. And ... we'll offer you lunch there.

After lunch we drive back to the barge for the afternoon leg, up to Puicheric, where we'll stay for the night


In the morning we visit the great City of Carcassonne, the biggest medieval City in Europe. You will be fascinated by the size of the walls and the narrow streets inside. You will be right there in the middle of French history! There also many shops where you can buy typical souvenirs to bring back to friends or children.

After lunch we embark on the last leg of the cruise for the week, from Puicheric to the area of Trebes. We spend the last night there after the "Captain's Farewell Dinner".


After your breakfast, it is unfortunately time to conclude this unforgettable cruise. We will transfer you back to the airport or railway station so that you can continue your adventure in Europe or wherever!!!

NOTE: On alternate weeks, cruise will be in reverse direction. This is a sample itinerary and is subject to change.


2022 Rates

Accommodations Rate Type Rate Amount
Charter 4 passengers wholeboat Regular 22800
Charter 4 passengers wholeboat Value 21000
2 passenger whole boat charter Regular 21600
2 passenger whole boat charter Value 19800
Charter 3 passengers wholeboat Value 20400
Charter 3 passengers wholeboat Regular 22200


Departure Dates (Saturday) Rate Type Route
Jul 16, 23, 30; Aug 6, 13 Value Canal du Midi
Oct 15, 22 Value Canal du Midi
May 7, 14, 21, 28; Jun 4, 11, 18, 25; Jul 2, 9 Regular Canal du Midi
Apr 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Value Canal du Midi
Aug 20, 27; Sep 3, 10, 17, 24; Oct 1, 8 Regular Canal du Midi


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