Debut season in 2008..

ALEGRIA is a barge of the Freyssinet type, built in 1937 at a shipyard in Thuin, Belgium.

She was originally 39 meters long and 5,07 meters wide, designed for loads of 400 tons, but in 1999 the ship was converted to a houseboat and shortened to 29.37 meters (100 feet). Her present length now allows passage through the smaller locks of the famous Canal du Midi.

She is docked near Poilhes, a charming village on the Canal du Midi, 12 km from Beziers, 20 km from the Mediterranean Sea and close to Narbonne. You will either embark or disembark from this charming village that contains many remains from the Roman times.

Do not hesitate to enjoy the (heated!) pool after a warm afternoon ... or just relax while enjoying some pre-dinner drinks ...

Alegria is the latest barge that has been launched on the Canal du Midi. Her ambitions are clearly to become one of the top barges available in the region. Her features are unique:

  • A unique and modern look, very different from most of the other barges.
  • The largest lounge for only four guests, with music and video.
  • Almost the largest cabin sizes along the Canal (180 to 210 sq. ft.)
  • Beautiful cabins that are distinctive, light and bright.
  • Intimacy and privacy thanks to two entrance doors from each cabin leading either directly to the outside of the barge or inside to the lounge.
  • All the comfort offered by the best boats (air conditioning, central heating, heated towel rails, etc.) and even more: a mini fridge, a coffee and tea tray in each cabin.
  • Large portholes that have been installed on the hull and that provide you with panoramic views at the level of the canal.
  • A pool beautifully integrated in the superstructure of the barge
  • A very welcoming wheelhouse with its authentic 1937 wheel, teak woodwork and a typically Provencal floor.

FEATURES 2 spacious staterooms with en-suite bathrooms with hair dryers
    king or 2 twin-sized beds 190 and 220 sq. m. ( 18 and 20 sq. m. approx) incl. bathroom, mini fridge for drinks. Private outside and inside entrances.
* 4 Passengers
* 4 Crew members
* 2 decks
* swimming pool
* Satellite TV with DVD and in lounge
* internet access for your laptop with our USB 3G+ modem available for use at no charge.
* Air conditioning / Central Heating
* Bicycles on board with helmets
* Handicap Access - NO

The barge does have a CARDIAC DEFIBRILLATOR on board


Alegria Snack Alegria Dinner Alegria Desert

Dining on Alegrai deck Entrance into Alegria


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