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Ama Waterways River Cruises

Vineyards of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers

7 night cruise between Amsterdam to Luxembourg

2 nights pre cruise land tour of Amsterdam

and 3 nights land tour of Paris

or 3 nights land tour of Reims

Drink in the beauty, history and flavor of the Rhine and Moselle river valleys' iconic vineyards. Begin your journey with a gentle ride through Amsterdam's legendary canals, then head to Cologne where you can whet your palate for the wines ahead by tatsing Kolsch beer. As for the vineyards, you'll soar above them by gondola or hike among the graphes in Rudesheim and sip wines in Bernkastel as well, learning the legend of the Bernkastel Doctor. Whatever you choose to do ashore, the stories you're told and flavors that grace your palate will surely transform you.


Arrive in Amsterdam and check into your hotel.


Visit Zaanse Schans, where you can observe life as it used to be lived in the Netherlands. Authentic windmills, houses, and shops were relocated to this picturesque area, creating a typical 17th- to 18thcentury village. (B)


Check out of your hotel and, before transferring to your ship, enjoy a panoramic tour of Amsterdam as well as free time in the Museumplein, where you can visit one of the city's prestigious museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, home to Rembrandt's The Night Watch and Vermeer's The Kitchen Maid. (B,D)


There are 165 canals in Amsterdam, and you'll get to enjoy some of them on your canal cruise. Later in the day, set sail out of Amsterdam. (B,L,D)


Enjoy cruising to Cologne, home to one of Germany's most revered Gothic masterpieces, the Cologne Cathedral. Join a guided tour through the Old Town and explore the UNESCO-designated cathedral. Continue to the Cologne Rathaus, Germany's oldest town hall, the Overstolzenhaus and the Festival Hall. For a different view of the city, visit a local tavern to taste its famous Kolsch beer, only made in Cologne, and reibekuchen, potato pancakes typically served with applesauce. Active adventurists will want to join a guided bike ride along the Rhine. (B,L,D)


Cruise along the Rhine River and take in some of the dozens of castles that line its path before reaching Rudesheim. Drink up the stunning views by soaring high above the vineyards with a gondola ride to the Niederwalddenkmal Statue, and afterwards, be treated to a wine tasting. For a more active adventure, hike through the town's beautiful vineyards or join a guided bike tour along the scenic Rhine River to Schloss Johannisberg. Later in the day, let Siegfried's Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum charm you or taste one of the town's special delights, Rudesheimer coffee, ceremoniously made with brandy, coffee and whipped cream. (B,L,D)


Arrive in Mainz, located at the confluence of the Main and Rhine rivers. Join a walking tour of Mainz, home to many historic treasures, including one of Germany's most important churches, the Romanesque cathedral and the Chagall stained-glass windows depicting scriptural scenes in stunning blue, which you will get to see. For a more active adventure, go on a guided bike tour through Mainz. Later in the day, cruise to Lahnstein through the Rhine River Gorge, famous for its beautiful and imposing castles. Cap the day off with a visit to Lahneck Castle.


Spend the morning taking in the beauty of the Moselle on this scenic stretch of the river before reaching Cochem with its half-timbered houses and Reichsburg Castle. Join a guided tour through the castle and then walk through its Old Town. For those wishing to have a more active exploration of the area, you can go on a guided bike tour through Cochem. Or for a different adventure, tour one of Europe's oldest working mustard mills where you will sample Cochem's famous mustard. (B,L,D)


Walk through Bernkastel's colorful Old Town center and past many medieval and Renaissance buildings on a guided tour that also includes a winery visit and tasting. Cycling enthusiasts can choose to join a bike tour along the Moselle and hikers can opt to trek up to the ruins of Landshut Castle, which dates all the way back to the 9th century. (B,L,D)


Disembark the ship and explore one of Europe's last independent duchies. Enjoy a guided walking tour as well as a stop at the American Cemetery and Memorial, the final resting place of General George Patton, before boarding your TGV high-speed train to Paris. (B)

Day 11 PARIS

Enjoy a morning tour of Paris, taking in all its iconic sites, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees and Place de la Concorde. You'll pass the magnificent Opera Garnier, the legendary Louvre and, on the Left Bank, the Sorbonne University and the Pantheon. (B)

Day 12 PARIS

Visit Montmartre, long known as the city's premier artist's enclave. For easy access to Montmartre, you'll hop aboard the funicular railroad that ascends the hill. Montmartre's most recognizable landmark is the Basilica du Sacre-Coeur, the highest point in the city. After your visit to Montmartre, you'll be taken on an illumination tour. (B)


Bid farewell to Paris and prepare for your homeward flight. (B)

2021 / 2022 / 2023 Per Person Cruise Fares

Cruise Departure Ship: Piano Deck - Cat E w/window Piano Deck - Cat D w/window Violin/Cello Deck - Cat C w/ French balcony aft Cello Deck - Cat BB w/twin balconies fwd & mid Violin Deck - Cat BA aft w/twin balconies Cello Deck - Cat AB w/twin balconies Violinr Deck - Cat AA w/twin balconies Violin Deck - Suite w/twin balconies
Amsterdam to Luxembourg
04-May-21 AmaPrima $3,599 $3,798 $4,598 $5,198 $5,398 $5,698 $5,898 $7,398
03-Aug-21 AmaPrima $3,799 $3,998 $4,898 $5,398 $5,598 $5,898 $6,098 $7,598
24-Aug-21 AmaLucia $3,899 $4,098 $4,998 $5,498 $5,698 $5,998 $6,198 $7,698
05-Oct-21 AmaPrima $3,999 $4,198 $5,098 $5,598 $5,798 $6,098 $6,298 $7,798
26-Oct-21 AmaLucia $3,999 $4,198 $5,098 $5,598 $5,798 $6,098 $6,298 $7,798
19-Apr-22 AmaPrima $3,399 $3,698 $4,498 $5,098 $5,298 $5,498 $5,698 $6,998
31-May-22 AmaCerto $3,899 $4,198 $4,998 $5,598 $5,798 $5,998 $6,198 $7,498
28-Jun-22 AmaPrima $3,899 $4,198 $4,998 $5,598 $5,798 $5,998 $6,198 $7,498
9-Aug-22 AmaCerto $3,899 $4,198 $4,998 $5,598 $5,798 $5,998 $6,198 $7,498
6-Sep-22 AmaPrima $4,199 $4,498 $5,298 $5,898 $6,098 $6,298 $6,498 $7,798
27-Sep-22 AmaCerto $4,199 $4,498 $5,298 $5,898 $6,098 $6,298 $6,498 $7,798
25-Oct-22 AmaPrima $3,699 $3,998 $4,798 $5,398 $5,598 $5,798 $5,998 $7,298
28-Mar-23 AmaPrima $3,099 $3,398 $4,198 $4,798 $4,998 $5,198 $5,398 $6,698
9-May-23 AmaCerto $3,799 $4,098 $4,898 $5,498 $5,698 $5,898 $6,098 $7,398
18-Jul-23 AmaCerto $3,899 $4,198 $4,998 $5,598 $5,798 $5,998 $6,198 $7,498
22-Aug-23 AmaPrima $3,999 $4,298 $5,098 $5,698 $5,898 $6,098 $6,298 $7,598
26-Sep-23 AmaCerto $4,199 $4,498 $5,298 $5,898 $6,098 $6,298 $6,498 $7,798
24-Oct-23 AmaPrima $3,799 $4,098 $4,898 $5,498 $5,698 $5,898 $6,098 $7,398

PORT FEES OF $196 for 2021. $210 for 2022 / 2023

2 Night land program in Amsterdam - $750 per person for 2021 and $750 for 2022 / 2023

3 Night land program in Paris - $1200 per person for 2021 and $1500 per person for 2022 / 2023

Rates include: standard or SLIDING GLASS DOOR CABIN, excursions, free internet, and wine with dinner